Spring Bounty!

We have had such an amazing Spring so far. Our unheated high tunnels have been bursting with salad greens, bok choi, salad turnips, french breakfast radish and cilantro. Our fields are 100% planted with more of the same as well as our longer term crops like broccolini (our favorite), cabbage, potatoes, fennel and a lot more. Our greenhouses have just been flipped and turned to our hot weather crops. Lots of zucchini, tomatoes and snacking cucumbers have taken over where spring crops were. We have an incredible crew this year and are so thankful for their ceaseless energy and enthusiasm. We are excited to see how the rest of the season goes…

Farm News – April

We are so excited to finally have the Real Organic Project logo on our label. We have been certified Real Organic for a few years now and we think it is so important that customers understand what it means. Why isn’t our Organic certification enough? Because the National Organic standards have changed. Big business took over the Organic industry and they have diluted what it means to be organic. Farmers can grow food hydroponically, where soil is not involved at all, creating tremendous downward pressure on prices and still be Organic Certified. Huge farms that drain aquifers, exploit workers and treat their animals poorly can label their products Organic. Real Organic means that we grow our produce in soil. This project is trying to bring back the original principles that organic was founded on. Growing in soil organically gives back in so many ways. We are fostering the soil to create healthy produce. This certification doesn’t just apply to veggie producers. It applied to everything with an organic label. Real Organic ensures that livestock is pastured, not confined in (CAFO’s) Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Find out more at www.realorganicproject.org and read your labels carefully at the grocery store.

Heading into Winter…

As we head into Winter we are busy, busy, busy! Late Fall is the only opportunity that we have to catch up on projects. The rest of the year we are planting, harvesting and delivering with little room for anything else! After a great season we are putting up some new high tunnels to expand our shoulder season production. Others Fall projects include general Fall clean up (putting away row cover, sand bags, tarps, etc), organizing the books, ordering seed for next season…yes, this early!…and prepping for next season. It’s also time for REST! Woohoo! We will fill our downtime with lots of back country and xc skiing, tons of wild skating if the ice is good, lots of cooking and baking, family time, knitting, carving and reading!

Summer CSA share Sign Up

It’s that time of year again! Now is the time to reserve your CSA spot for the Summer 2021 season. Our Summer CSA runs for 17 weeks. We begin on Tuesday June 15th and end October 5th. Deliveries happen every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm to the following Pick Up spots:

  • Littleton Coop
  • East Burke Market
  • 522 Summer St., St. Johnsbury
  • West Barnet Quick Stop
  • Barnet Public Library
  • Small Axe Farm

We offer a small share or a large share. The small share has a $20 value and the large share is $40. More details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yFTRcAeZpGNvdfrN34wJ_hxRrO-Q8N15Vyy79TucqOw/edit?usp=sharing

The great thing about our Summer CSA share is that it is Customizable! You can choose to have us pack you a box each week or choose your own from our online farm store. Folks seem to really enjoy the flexibility of Customizing their CSA boxes when they want to, especially those who have little kids.

Need to skip a week? No problem…your credit will remain on your store account to be used before the year is finished in December.

Sign Up before April 30th for discount…see details in the link above! Eat local!